Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A day in bed?

Sounds lovely, doesn't it? But wait, no! I severely sprained my ankle today and have no choice.
This explains the late blog post today. And it explains the change in schedule. I promise to post the yummy recipe mentioned in yesterday's post very soon.
I'm also on a temporary laptop at the moment (mine has some major problems and is being looked at), so I don't have my blog folder. So, I apologize if I've been a bit short and simple lately!

Hopefully my ankle (actually, it's really more my foot) will heal quickly, but it seems pretty bad, so I might be laid up for a bit. This is such a hectic week for me, too, but I guess some things will just have to be canceled. At least I have no excuse not to concentrate on work. Yay! Yes, that was sarcasm.

I am wishing you all a fabulous and healthy week! Appreciate your working appendages! xx

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