Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vegging with veggies

Just got back from the doctor. X-rays were negative for broken bones - yay! However, I'm going to be doing a lot of laying around and wearing my trusty "boot" the doctor gave me, until I start to feel better. I still can't put any weight on my foot. Thank goodness for best friends who come to see me at home and keep me entertained, and my boyfriend who's really stepped up to help take care of me.

One reason I'm bummed about what could possibly be 6 weeks of non-strenuous activity, is that I had just been getting back on a good workout routine and keeping my diet in check, and it felt great! Vegging on the couch kind of makes me want to pig out, but I've vowed to at least eat well if I'm not going to be able to workout for a while. So, this seems like the perfect time to share a recent healthy recipe I came up with on the fly the other night. Read on.

Tilapia Salad:

Tilapia fillet (I usually have a big bag of individually wrapped, frozen fillets on hand. It's only about $6 at somewhere like Walmart).
Spring mix
Salsa (as spicy or mild as you like)
Lime juice (from a fresh lime, or a bottle - make sure there's no sugar added!)
Salt and pepper (or another kind of seasoning you like. Just go easy on anything salty.)
Medium sized Avocado

Season the thawed tilapia with salt and pepper. (I'm not a big fan of salt, so I don't use much. I am much more liberal with the pepper) I grill up the fish in a already hot, small pan with some calorie free cooking spray. While it's cooking, I combine spring mix and diced avocado in a large bowl (use lots of spring mix to really make this into a full meal!). Then give the mix a few splashes of lime juice and toss your salad.
When your fish is done (make sure it gets flaky and completely white), lay the fillet on top of your salad. Then spoon some salsa on top.

Between the salsa, avocado and lime juice, the tilapia salad feels like a really fresh Mexican dish. You could even pair it with a Skinny Girl margarita to make the meal a little more festive and indulgent. All in all, the salad  alone should run you around 350 calories. Enjoy!

Let me know if you try it and how you like it, or feel free to share your variations on the dish and/or your own healthy meal ideas!

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  1. The salad sounds delish! I'll definitely try it sometime soon!