Friday, March 18, 2011

Playing dress up

It's probably no secret that I get a kick out of dressing up and finding something unique to wear when I go for a night out, to some sort of event, or even just to hang out with friends. Between Mardi Gras, SXSW, and St. Patrick's Day, I've had quite a few excuses to wear something fun (and maybe a little extra over-the-top) lately. Here are some of my fashion endeavors from the past week or so:

Mardi Gras! 
I love holidays that give me an excuse to play with vibrant colors. Normally, if I really want some extra color in my eye makeup, I would just use a one as a small accent in the crease or corners of my eyelid. But I went a little further here with the purple and green, and added clothing (and two, small black and purple hair extentions) to match!

I wanted to wear something nice for the screening of the film I was in, but I knew it would be a relatively low key event, so I knew I wasn't going to go an evening-gown-route or anything.
I paired a sophisticated black pencil skirt with a sheer, white shirt (I love to wear a bright bra underneath it). I put my hair in a messy side ponytail, and accessorized with a hair scarf, a sparkly bracelet and rings, and of course my new favorite blue nail polish. I did relatively heavy, smokey eyes, with pink-liner on the bottom for a little twist. Also pictured is a perfume I wear occasionally for nights out, called Mambo. Normally I opt for just a light body spray, but sometimes I want something heavier that will also last throughout the night.
I think the look came off as sort of sophisticated-bohemian with a little edge, which is exactly what I was hoping to create. 

St. Patrick's Day! 
Steve and I looked appropriately cheesy (but still cute, if I do say so myself) on St. Patrick's Day. You can't see it in the photo, but I am also wearing a pair of army green slacks (they look somewhat retro) that have tiny silver rhinestones up the sides - so yes, I was actually wearing some green clothing! After putting everything fun and green I wanted to wear all together, I ended up with sort of a silvery-green-sparkle theme. Works for me! 

In general, I always love seeing other people's fashion choices. It's the best way to get ideas that I can build upon, in order to make the look my own.  Hope maybe I've passed along some interesting inspiration (at least for your next crazy holiday gatherings!). I'd love to hear some of your thoughts and ideas!

Have a fab weekend!


  1. Good post! I like the St Patty's Day outfits the best! :)

  2. I like the mardis gras the best. had a little gypsy quality to it!