Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ready to run

 I spent most of Friday evening (and far into the night) working, but took a welcomed break to eat a lovely grilled salmon fillet with steamed broccoli, which my wonderful boyfriend made for me. We've been using Paul Newman's brand lime salad dressing lately to glaze chicken, tilapia, and salmon, and it's tasted great on all three. This is a super-versatile ingredient to keep around the house!
I've been doing well at eating healthy since being bed/couch-ridden. It's amazing how satisfying healthy foods really can be. I feel so much better about my forced lack of activity after eating such light and nutritious meals. I think it's definitely keeping me more energized and focused than if I was sitting on the couch for three days straight with a bag of greasy potato chips and cans of soda.

The lounging thing gets old quick...

I've been limiting my carbs quite a bit, with the exception of the occasional 100% whole wheat english muffin some mornings, with a little Smart Balance butter spread, or a hand full of crackers dipped in salsa. Other than that, I've been enjoying meals similar to the recent tilapia salad recipe I shared (see earlier post) and the salmon dinner mentioned above. Cooked spinach has always been one of my favorite foods, and it's so good for you, so I've been pairing that pretty often with whatever meat I'm eating. It's a really filling side dish, so you barely miss the carbs you might normally have on the side.
I've mostly been snacking (when needed) on baby carrots and/or a tall glass of V8 juice. It's amazing how much just a glass of veggie juice can satisfy you.
My biggest splurge this week has been some Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix, which we had out the other night during a little get-together. It is absolutely delicious, and actually the calorie count isn't that bad, especially considering naturally-high-calorie peanuts are in the mix. 

I also love sipping on coffee throughout the morning with just a little 2% milk, and switching to hot tea in the evenings or before bed. I recently discovered Celestial Seasonings' brand of Dragon Fruit Melon Green Tea. It packs a ton of antioxidents, but it also tastes so delicious. I absolutely love the flavor. I add maybe 3/4 a tea spoon of sugar.

Still, I can not tell you how much I am dying to get out and run again. Maybe this whole injured-foot thing was only to make me appreciate exercising. My legs feel terrible from just sitting around so much. But alas, I will have to be patient.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday. xx

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