Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Currents (Summer edition)...

Yay! Blogger finally decided to let me post something.

My current...

...Fashion obsession: Sheer tops

 I especially love using lace. On the left is me in one of my favorite tops right now (you can also see it here in the second outfit shown). The entire back of it is black lace, and I love wearing my hot pink bra with it. On the right, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere pairs a gorgeous white lace top with a super-cute yellow skirt. I really love this look, and lately I've been wearing white probably more than I ever have my whole life. I've been searching for a top similar to hers.
I also have an over sized, plain white t-shirt (not pictured) that is very sheer, which is fun for a super casual look (it's also great to throw on over a bikini). I'll usually wear a black or pink bra with it. I think the key is to be obvious that you're going sheer, and wear a fun bra or bright camisole underneath. Do you like this look? How are you rocking the sheer trend? make up: retro liquid liner

I've always liked the "cat eye" look for certain occasions, but lately, it's become something I use for my everyday make-up! It's so easy to throw on (if you've mastered the art of applying it, that is. Practice makes perfect), and because I'm using waterproof, liquid liner, it's perfect for these hot, humid days! I start with a thin line at the middle of my eyelid and extend it (a bit diagonally upwards) out, making the line gradually thicker as I go. I like to keep my line pretty straight to create the "cat eye", rather than doing a little "wing" at the end. But, remember to experiment with what exactly looks best for you.
The thicker and longer the line, the more dramatic. For an everyday look (such as, if I know I'm going to just be running around doing my errands in 100 degree weather!), I don't even bother with eyeshadow or any pencil liner that could smudge. I just line the top lid as described and put on some thick mascara (use waterproof, if you wanna be really hardcore weather-proof) on the top and bottom lashes.
I like to throw on some icy pink lipstick to complete the look! In the photo above, I also penciled in my eyebrows for an even more stark and retro look (I start with a brown pencil, coloring everything in, and then use a black pencil to darken and accentuate the shape. I find this makes them look more natural. I am NOT going for the tattooed look! But, I like the contrast between the dark brows and my blonde hair) and added a bit of white shadow on my brow bone to highlight.

..."I want!": Harem pants

Photo credit: (click for tips on how to wear harem pants!)

These are definitely on my "to-buy" list. They would be super comfy for me to wear while around the house working, etc. during the day, but could take me right out to a dinner with friends in the evening. I'm just trying to decide if I like the cropped ones (on the left) or the longer, more sweatpants-like kind (on the right). Normally anything reminiscent of sweatpants would make me run the other direction, but I actually think I am actually leaning more towards the long ones. I'd love to find some that would allow me to scrunch them up if I want them shorter sometimes. I tried on a fabulous pair at Sears the other day, but unfortunately, they were too big and they didn't have a smaller size in stock! I am probably going to go check Forever 21 sometime next week. 
I'm thinking these would be a comfortable, cute idea for my road trip to New Orleans in two weeks! What do you think? Is this a fashion turn-on or turn-off?

...hairstyle: what I like to call, the "cheerleader pouf"

Ok, so I was never a cheerleader (big surprise, I'm sure), but that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the fun, perky style that so many of them possess. Maybe, I'm just overly excited about the fact that my hair is now long enough to achieve styles like this, but I was happy to accidentally discover this super easy way of styling my hair. Once again, this is just ideal for those hot summer days. Here's how I do it: 
-Start by putting your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head. Try not to brush your hair first, if possible. You want the roots a little mangled. You want this to look sloppy.
- Don't pull the final loop of your ponytail all the way through. Leave it as a "bun", sticking up on the top of your head. Literally. You should look like a Sumo wrestler at this point.
- Pull the sides of the bun forward and down to tighten your hairband (consequently, this will loosen the bun. This is what you want). I use the thin handle of my fine toothed comb to loosen the roots (they will become more and more tight the more you pull the bun, but you want them to stay messy and have some lift).
- The above step forces the bun back, so continue pulling the sides of the bun until it's falling forward and a small amount of hair has pulled all the way through in the front. Loosen your roots in front of the bun, as needed.
I think this creates a really cool look!

What are some of your current favorite things??


  1. I love the sheet tops! The pants are one of those things that look really cute, but I'm pretty positive I could never pull them off! You, on the other hand, I think would look really good in them!

  2. dude!! first of all, I LOVE your eye makeup and your "cheerleader" hair!!! i tried to do it to mine but I couldnt figure it out so you'll have to show me haha

    harlem pants are SO popular here in Australia. I love the girl in the first pic with the headband wrap thingie! but yeah girls are wearing them all the time here. are they getting more popular in the states?