Monday, June 6, 2011


Oh, was that the weekend?
I barely noticed as it flew by. It was a busy, stressful couple of days with lots of unexpected things coming up. We pushed through it relatively unscathed (ha), and luckily, it ended relaxingly with a couple of Coronas and pigging out on some Chinese take out. I think my stomach is hating me today for that, after adjusting to an entire week of healthy, fresh foods since returning from Vegas. Definitely feeling the "blahs" today, but life is good.

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How was your weekend?

I need to get a work out in, and then I'm off to get some errands done. I'm hoping I may be able to squeeze a little pool time in today, lost from this weekend (Plus, I have two completely untouched magazines, which arrived in the mail last week, that I'd love to finally break into!). Tonight, I'm going to Steve's flag football game and then out with the gang to one of our favorite sports bars. It'll be all I can do to not totally pig out again tonight, because their BBQ southwest egg rolls (which they call "Tailpipes") are to. die. for.

Hope you have a great day! xx

p.s. I think Dunkin Donuts knows whenever I am on a diet, because they sent me a ton of fabulous coupons. Luckily, most of them are for lattes, which I can get relatively low-calorie. I really love their iced caramel lattes. Maybe I'll pick one of those up to take down to the pool. ::grin::

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