Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work It

I try not to take for granted the fact that I work from home and can usually make my own schedule. The flexibility is amazing, but it can be hard to keep self-motivated and feel like I'm really "at work", when I'm not getting up and going out to an office everyday. I'll admit, I do most of my work from the couch, but it's nice to have a little work area set up for those times when I have something I really need to concentrate on. I've recently added a few, fun touches to the table/desk I use right now. Eventually, I hope to move everything into the guest room and really have an "official" home-office set up.

 I got this mini "Keep Calm" poster for free when I ordered my large one for the living room. I bought a little frame and decided my desk would be the perfect place for it. When do these words come in handy more than at work?

 I love using shopping bags for decoration. They make you happy when you first carry them out of the store and bring them home, don't they? Might as well keep them around!

I have magazines strewn in just about every corner of my apartment. Blog inspiration. ;) Ok, let's face it, I just love reading them at any opportunity. My trusty hand written to-do list is also always nearby.

Even if you don't work from home, if you have a desk or work space you're allowed to decorate, try to add some things to make the space as inviting as possible. Use whatever you feel that you really respond to.
Make it as great work day as you can this Tuesday, come home, and enjoy your evening! xx

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