Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tray Chic

I made my first purchase from a few weeks ago, after excitedly getting into sort of a vintage-obsession, especially when it comes to home decor. The Etsy shop, "School of Vintage" had a mid-century tray in a bright kelly green, which I just couldn't stop thinking about. I thought it'd be perfect to put my spices on in the kitchen, rather than having them messily taking up the counter space next to the stove. I  never return any of them to the cabinet, because it's nice to have them so accessible. I thought the tray would be a fun way to add some color into the space as well, rather than opting for a typical wooden or neutral "spice rack".

I also figured that the tray would be adorable on my bedroom dresser to keep perfumes and lotion bottles, etc., if I ever decided I didn't want it in the kitchen.

It finally arrived in the mail a couple days ago...

This is the box it came in - how cute! I think the people at my apartment office assumed it was my birthday when I came to pick it up. Nope - just a fun purchase from me, to me!

I love the handles.

As long as I'm showing the kitchen, here are photos of some artwork I put up just the other day, over the stove. I found these pieces at Walmart for just $4 each:

I love the little female chef with her glass of wine. She looks like me, when I'm attempting to cook. Ha. ;)

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  1. Looks cute!

    I love all those types of pictures that Walmart has. I have two coffee cups like that. I think they are all so cute and super cheap!