Monday, June 13, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

How was your weekend?
Mine was non-stop, but super fun; a LOT of time spent outside (I have the sunburn to prove it, even though I tried to be diligent about applying sunscreen!). Saturday my boyfriend and I spent the day at the pool with some friends, and plenty of frozen drinks. Sunday I had a film shoot all day (yes, also 106 degree heat). My boyfriend tagged along to help with equipment, etc., and also decided to play personal assistant to me. Can't complain! It was a fun shoot, despite the less-than-ideal weather. But, I suppose 106 degrees is still better than 26, which I encountered during a few overnight film shoots last year!
We returned home pretty drained, and it felt amazing to just cuddle together and chill out in front of the TV until crashing at only 11:00pm! It especially feels nice to come home to a newly decorated apartment (it's really starting to feel like a real home!), and I am finally getting around to posting the photos of our latest decorating endeavors. Be sure to check out some "before" photos, which I posted a couple months ago: here!

 (My dog decided to be a model for this photo shoot. He loves his new room.)
So, as you'll notice from my last post with photos of my apartment, we've added quite a bit! Most of it was added gradually, but I wanted to wait until I had a decent amount done before blogging about it...otherwise I'd be posting about every little, new pillow, and it'd get a bit boring after a while. So anyway, here are the basic additions from the above two photos:

- New entertainment center from IKEA (It happened to be a discontinued item, so we got it for only $99!) and flatscreen TV (Steve's favorite addition. Honestly, it's the nicest piece of technology I've ever had, so I'm pretty thrilled myself). The TV is mounted onto the backing of the entertainment center - looks pretty sleek!

- Other things to mention are: the new couch cover and pillows for the sofa, and an area rug from IKEA ($20, folks! Amazing deal!)

- We already have a plan to buy a huge canvas of the New York City skyline  for over the sofa, we're just saving up a little extra cash first. I'll be sure to put photos up when we get it. I know it will really be a finishing touch on the room. While we've gone ahead and added some artwork on other walls, it'll make a huge difference when that big, empty wall is filled.

I'd been wanting to get an armchair for forever! A friend of mine sold me this chair and ottomon at his moving sale for...get ready...$35! I added the furry, white throw and a black pillow. I was so happy to be adding this piece into the room, but I did not anticipate how incredibly comfy the chair would be! It's my new throne. :)
You can't see it too well in this photo, but next to the chair, we added a small side table (from IKEA, once again). It's an adorable, colonial looking piece in sort of a dusty blue color:

 The inside is so cute with it's yellow stripes, and I loving having a little extra storage. I added some random things to the top. I love saving pretty bottles to use for decoration.

Here's some of the new artwork. We picked up the local music posters from a little store downtown, which I thought was a nice "Austin" touch. I ordered the posters over the TV online. I really wanted some sort of vintage movie poster (The Philadelphia Story had a great look, and you can't really beat Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Katharine Hepburn all in one film!). I've been seeing the "Keep Calm Carry On" posters a lot lately (British posters that were put up during World War II), and I really love the idea. The message still relates today - even if it's just to help me get through the work day. ;)

I also wanted to show our little "makeshift" guest room, which we put together super quick when we found out we were going to be having a house guest for a couple weeks. We bought the bed and the tall, shaded lamp in the corner (love it) from IKEA. I actually found this little dresser left out by the dumpster a couple months ago (Hey, I'm not ashamed! It's amazing the great stuff you can find for free). It was in great shape, so we took it in. It used to be in the living room as a side table by the sofa, but with the new chair, we just didn't have room for something so big. It was perfect to move into this room for a nightstand/dresser. The horse painting used to be over the fireplace in the living room. I was happy to move it somewhere different, and it provides a little color in this otherwise undecorated room. It also happened to match well with the comforter we decided to use on the bed. 
At some point, we'll probably be doing a makeover on this room. We haven't really decided what we want it to look like yet. It will also become a home office for me, as well as a guest room. But for a quick set up, I think we did pretty well and it looks quite cozy! It's nice to have it be a real room now, rather than my former-roommate's still-empty bedroom.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my place! Any ideas for me? I'd also love to hear what sort of decorating you've done with your place!
Have a great week!

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  1. Aside from my comments on Facebook, I think the guest room looks really good!