Thursday, June 30, 2011

Therapy and Glitter

Loving. this. manicure.

I got the idea of using glitter on just one nail from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere. You can check out that specific post here. I varied her instructions by buying actual glittery nail polish (rather than a jar of glitter) and by painting the glitter on my thumb on one hand, and ring finger on the other. Mix it up in your own way and experiment with different colors! I am totally in love with this idea, and I'm thrilled with the nail polish I purchased for just this purpose. It was perfect. Here's what I used:

Fingers: One or two coats of Rimmel London 60 Seconds in "Stop Traffic", with Pure ICE in "Spit Fire" on the tips of two nails.

Toes: One coat of Pure ICE in "Feeling Hot", and when dry, one coat of Rimmel London French Manicure Pro in "French Lingerie".

I like topping one color with another for a totally custom shade. Just make sure your bottom coat is fully dry before adding anything on top.
A mani-pedi is awesome therapy for a stressful day, and you know me, I'm a DIY gal! This fun little manicure really perked up my spirits, and sometimes forgetting it's there, I get just a little smile on my face whenever I catch a glimpse of glitter.

Let me know if you try this, how you like it, and if you came up with any variations!

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