Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tidying the Bookshelf

Getting my living room in better shape and adding new things, only made it painfully obvious how much help my little built-in bookshelf needed! I hadn't really done anything with it since my roommate moved out and took her books and DVDs out of the shelves (which left some shelves empty), but I wont claim it was particularly organized or neat before that. You can actually notice it here, before I did anything with it, in the final living room photo. Not so cute!
It was fun getting everything set up. I took some advice from different blogs and decor web sites I've seen, and added some little nick-nacks into the shelves, which I didn't really have any other use for. It's also nice to stack some books and lean others, so the whole thing looks a little more interesting. You can also divide up different categories of books this way, too. Here's my finished product:

 Acting books stacked in the center.

Guilty-pleasure Spice Girls' biographies and books on one side. ;) I stuck my checker board in the back of the shelf above for a fun little touch, and some added color.

I think it really completes the room.

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