Monday, June 27, 2011

Totally down

I fully enjoyed the downtime with my boyfriend this weekend. I think we really needed it. No where specific to go, no one to see, no set-in-stone plans we needed to show up for. 
On Friday night, I prepared a sort of "hors d'oeuvres" type dinner to greet Steve when he got home. We had red wine, a cheese plate, shrimp cocktail, and my homemade version of bruschetta, I guess? - butter, garlic salt, and parsley flakes, spread on ciabatta bread (love. this. bread.), topped with a tomato slice, and baked in the oven for about 15 minutes (or until a just little brown and crispy). We ate in front of the TV with some candles lit, and caught up on some of our DVR shows. Then, we took dessert (vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries) to the bedroom and watched "Much Ado About Nothing" (one of my favorite films, and my favorite Shakespeare play) in bed. Such a lovely night and so relaxing. 

Saturday morning, I went to the gym while Steve ran a few errands. It felt great to have a run on the treadmill, especially after the indulgent meal the night before. I was even able to squeeze in a mini "Sex and the City" marathon (always on TV at the perfect times!) with a cup of coffee, before Steve got home. Then, I cooked us some breakfast - fried eggs on top of buttered toast (I used the leftover ciabatta. A-MA-ZING.), a few strips of bacon, and the rest of the raspberries. Delish! 
The rest of Saturday was pure lounging. A few friends, who happened to be in the area, stopped by for a little chat, but other than that, I kept to my t-shirt and boy shorts ensemble and enjoyed doing absolutely nothing, but watching random weekend TV on my big, comfy armchair. 
Come about 6:00pm, I decided to finish off the red wine, and Steve and I put on "Closer", which I just bought on DVD. I love it when a film we're watching will spark a dialogue, and we'll end up pausing the movie, and getting into some long, intimate conversation about anything or everything. All of a sudden, we'll realize like half an hour has gone by. 
After the movie (with one or two "pausing-breaks"), we ventured out to get some sushi. I jokingly wore my short pink wig, in honor of Natalie Portman's character in the film (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about).

For a little change, we spent most of Sunday out and about. We woke up on the early side to see a matinee of "Thor" (Steve had been wanting to see it for a while now), stopping for breakfast as Einstein's Bagels on the way. Then, we tackled a much-needed grocery shopping trip, which will hopefully last us until we leave for New Orleans in 2 weeks! Our kitchen is finally stocked with healthy foods again!

I am so thankful to feel completely rejuvenated today. I'm not dragging in the way I usually am on a Monday morning, and I'm not even dreading getting to work after posting this blog. It just makes me realize how much Steve and I had been running around lately and how much stress I'd been under.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend yourself!! Maybe I've passed along a few relaxing ideas for next week, if you've been craving some down time, but still want to feel like you really experienced the break. 
Have a great week! xx

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  1. Glad to hear you have the apartment to yourself and some of the stress is gone! Sounds like a good weekend!