Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, is that you?

I realize I don't have a usual 9-5 job, and I don't even necessarily have to wake up super early most days, but it's still hard for me to like Mondays. My boyfriend goes back to his 9-5, so I miss having him there when I open my eyes in the morning, and we don't get to enjoy just waking up slowly together. Then there's the fact, that I do have to get back to my regular routine of work, submitting for auditions, and working out, etc. There are worse things, and even by Tuesday I feel much more into the swing of things, but it's hard to get started on Mondays.  I'm sure you can relate.

This weekend was great, but the busy ones tend to pass by extra quickly, and I'm left wondering where the two days went! On Saturday, we wrapped the short film I've been working on. It was another excruciatingly hot outdoor shoot, but it'll all be worth it in the end. I can't wait to see the finished product.

On Sunday, I slept a bit late, but jumped out of bed and headed to the gym for a run on the treadmill. It felt great. Then, I met up with a friend for lunch. We tried a nearby Greek place called Tino's, which I'd been curious about. It was fantastic food, and quite reasonably priced! I enjoyed their Gyro salad and a slice of spanakopita (a spinach and cheese pastry - my favorite food since I was about 5 years old).
After browsing around a store and grabbing some iced coffee, we headed back to hang out at my place for a while, with my boyfriend and his friend (who is our current house guest). That evening, we met up with some more people and went bowling. All in all, it was a great time, except I definitely pigged out on way too much bowling alley junk food. It's so hard to resist!

I have bags under my eyes this morning that I could probably use for carry-on luggage at the airport. I have a film audition this afternoon (thankfully, it wasn't a morning audition today), so hopefully I'll be awake and refreshed by then. Coffee, a work out, and a shower should definitely help with that.

Hope you're having a nice morning and your weekend was a fun one! xx

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