Thursday, June 2, 2011

A toast

Ok, so I am kind of in love with the girl from FashionToast. I came across this model's blog last night and had to drag myself away from looking through it when bedtime came around. I absolutely dig this girl's style (and did I mention, she admits that she rarely buys jeans from anywhere but thrift stores?). Plus, she has a lot of intimate-like photos from her jet setting lifestyle, which seems to often take her to Japan. Infact, can I just be her?!

I think I'll just bring up a random page of this blog whenever I need an idea of what to wear for the day.

 Why is it not Fall so I can try this look immediately?

 A super casual and comfy "sloppy" sweater (as she calls them), but with a hot pair of jeans and killer shoes. Yes!

HOT hair.

 Genius contrast. Words cannot express the coolness.

Wait are you waiting for? Go check out FashionToast and be inspired! xx

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