Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Souvenirs and memories

One thing I didn't mention in my Las Vegas post, was some of the amazing "souvenirs" I came home with (thanks to my boyfriend. He likes to spoil me).

1.) The pink sundress was found at our resort's gift shop, and is the perfect comfy piece to throw on during a hot day with no fuss! It's also a great cover up to wear to the pool. My boyfriend surprised me with it after he ran down to the gift shop to grab me some aloe for my slight sunburn. That was an incredible afternoon in our suite (after getting back from a long day out), relaxing and drinking champagne, talking about anything and everything, and even laughing at cheesy SyFy channel movies on TV, before getting dolled up to go out for dinner and our final night on the town. So, there are really nice memories attached to this dress.

2. ) The white dress is my very first piece of clothing from Bebe, a store I used to wander into when I was about 15 years old, all the while getting snobby looks from the sales women. I probably didn't look like I was actually "in the market" for anything at that age...but still, that rejection sort of stuck with me. This time, however, we were given lots of attention from a nice, "flamboyant" gentleman who worked there. Steve had seen this dress about 3 times in the window display over the course of the weekend, and finally just pulled me into the store saying, "I'm buying you this" (we were already a bit buzzed from the champagne we'd been drinking in the room all afternoon. This may have had something to do with it.). I went to try one on that was a bit too big, while our salesman went to scrounge for my exact size in the back (nice!). He even called me by name when he came back to the dressing room, "Jennifer, I found your size!". Quite a different experience from those days in the mall with my sister at 15.
I'm not a material person, and I don't put any emphasis on name-brands, and certainly not designer clothing (to this day, I don't own anything with a designer label), but I have to say, walking around with that Bebe shopping bag afterward was quite a thrill (Thanks, baby!).

3.) The floor length dress on the right was one I found at H&M, on sale for $12.95 (love this store, and I don't believe we have one where I live. If we do, someone's been holding out on me). However, it seems like their style has gone even more trendy, and I wasn't finding the usual vintage-like, unique stuff that I usually do. This sundress was the exception. I love the color and the black netting in the back.
I think I am going to be wearing this for the first time tonight, for a girlfriend's birthday happy hour. Excited!

In general, we did most of our shopping at the mall connected to Planet Hollywood, because they have unique and fun affordable shops, rather than purely designer stores like the other malls have - although those are fun to browse, even if you can't afford anything! I'm not usually even that impressed by designer stuff, but I must say, I had to peek into Versace in Caesar's Palace after noticing their amazing shoes! Wow. One day....
I continued to be amazed at the attention we received from sales people, even in the super high-end designer places. It put a flattered smile on my face! 

How do you feel about designer duds? Where do you like to shop? Any shopping tips for future Vegas trips? Do share!

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