Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Better late than never

Wow, after trying to post all day and receiving error messages, I finally decided to try things on a different browser. Success!

So, one thing I couldn't post about yesterday was the fact that I had a surprise Valentine gift basket being sent to my boyfriend at work. I decided to create my own mix - fit for a guy! I bought a small, dark blue cloth covered basket and filled it with his favorite beer (Corona), Valentine candy, and a bag of steak flavored potato chips, which he had been eyeing a few days before. I also included a framed photo of the two of us for him to keep on his desk at work, a card with a little note, and even a rose (when do guys ever get flowers??).

I truly love planning surprises for other people even more than getting them myself.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week. Kind of feels like we're back to normal life now, doesn't it? This might be a good time to break into the:

Alright. I promise this ends my Valentine's-theme posts for the year! As long as Blogger is still up and running smoothly (fingers crossed), I will see you all tomorrow. Have a great evening.

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