Monday, February 21, 2011

FULLy Fun Weekend

I must have had too much fun this weekend, because I feel a bit rough this morning!

The weekend turned out to be more eventful than I expected, but that was just fine with me. Unfortunately though, with all the running around, time flew! I woke up Saturday, worked out, and did some cleaning around the apartment. Then I met one of my best girlfriends for a lunch at Panera Bread. We had lots to catch up on, and there just never seems to be enough time before one of us has to leave! Never-the-less, it was a really nice little get together.

I always look like this when I dye my hair.
Back at my apartment, I put on a Tegan and Sara album and got to the hair-dying process, as planned. Soon after, my boyfriend came over. We chilled on the couch and watched TV (including some Manchester United football/soccer). I sat with my laptop so I could multi-task and get a little work done, too.
Unexpectedly, my girl friend was able to stop by later that evening and she, my boyfriend, and I had a fun night drinking, chatting, and watching movies. We also happened to catch Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live - score!

Sunday morning was spent lounging in bed, and then at Dunkin Donuts (for an egg and cheese English muffin and an iced caramel latte - my favorite!) until Steve had to go to soccer practice. I stayed behind to go for a walk/jog. I found that Sundays are a great time to walk around the adorable neighborhood behind my apartment complex, as three different places for sale were holding "open houses". Of course, I had to take a peek! I absolutely love looking at houses and it's fun to do a little role playing and pretend you really are in the market. Ha.
Later that afternoon, Steve and I went to Guitar Center, because he was finally ready to take the plunge and buy an acoustic guitar. Then we hurried to a local brewery to have a beer with some of the soccer team, who had gone there after practice.

Sunday night, we went to our second open mic night at a nearby comedy club, where a friend performs stand-up occasionally.

Today, it's back to the routine -especially eating better; I definitely pigged out this weekend. Luckily, I went grocery shopping a few days ago and stocked my kitchen with some healthy options.

Comment and tell me how your weekend was! What does this week hold for you?

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