Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February hanging on

My mood seems closely tied to the weather lately.
I had a stressful day yesterday, though it wasn't because of anything too serious. I was happy to reach the evening, get out of the house, and escape to Steve's soccer game and then out for a few beers and dinner with friends from the team.

Late last night, I felt determined for a fresh start on Wednesday, but as I slowly opened my eyes towards my bedroom window this morning, my spirits lowered. It's a horribly dreary day today and much cooler. The weatherman is forecasting rain. It doesn't help facilitate motivation for a work out, that's for sure, let alone much else. Where did my lovely Spring weather go?

Coffee is brewing, and I'm going to try to make the best of today, but I need some brightening up! Hopefully this stuff will inspire you, too:

A unique pop of color.

The ever sexy, ever beachy-looking Bridget Bardot.
Fresh fruit = delish

Adorable and fresh!

A snuggle makes everything better.

We're half way through the week! How are you coping with your everyday woes?


  1. uuuuhhh... that doesn't look like a "snuggle" to me... unless that's what you kids are calling it these days. lol!

  2. "Snuggle" is a Steve-and-Me word. Haha.

    That photo actually reminds me of us in the mornings...and I do mean just cuddling! Even The Becks are still clothed, after all. ;)

  3. I totally didn't realize that was them! hehe.

    I like how you commented on the fruit in the picture of the pancakes. That's not quite what I focus on when I look at that picture. lol.

  4. Haha, well let's just say the peaches added a really nice, bright touch to the already TOTALLY delicious looking pancakes. :P