Thursday, February 3, 2011


In an earlier post, I said I'd periodically update current obsessions in the world of Jennifer, so here we go. My current... obsession: Vintage hair. I love both the looks below. I may have to wait until my hair is a bit longer for the one on the left, but I've been using the style on the right this week, and I really like it. It's easy to do (secure the bun however it works best for you. I just used a hair band. I'm sure pins would work on really thin hair), just make sure you tease your hair at the back a whole bunch so it really stays when you pull your hair back into the bun.

...morning routine: Coffee and The Today Show. Totally a guilty pleasure, but I love it. Especially when the more serious hour ends and Kathy Lee and Hoda take over. It's just a light hearted way to start my mornings and a fun show to keep on in the background while I check my e-mail, Facebook, and daily blogs over a cup o' joe.

...cold weather activity: Cleaning and organizing. Yup. On a beautiful day, this is not necessarily something I would choose to do, but I always feel better when I've done something to keep my apartment looking nice, and the dreary days of winter are a perfect time to catch up on such things. This week, I completely cleaned out my fridge, which was chock full of leftovers that we just didn't get around to finishing, as well as expired condiments. I threw away everything that was past due, wiped the whole thing down with a natural all-purpose cleaner, and re-organized the stuff that was staying. If I can just remember to do this more often, it'll be a super quick job and wont get so out of hand! Before and after:

...cocktail: An easy wine spritzer or "instant sangria", if you will. The other night I experimented by mixing one part 7-Up with two parts Cabernet Sauvignon. It was surprisingly good! Serve in a champagne glass. Simple, elegant, delish!

...manicure: Two-toned nails. To this day I have yet to get my nails professionally done. I enjoy doing them myself, plus you can't beat the price! I love french manicures, but a lot of times I like to have a little more color, so I'll paint the tips a vibrant color like hot pink, instead of white. This week however (after my cleaning spree), I tried using a pale pink that was very close to the pearl color I was using for the rest of the nail. I think it created a more subtle (yet still unexpected) look. I find it a really soft, feminine manicure for winter.

What are some of your "currents"? Leave a comment!


  1. I like the nail color a lot! I've been kind of obsessed with vibrant colors lately...bright pinks, and even orange-y peaches. Maybe it's my body and mind being ready for spring. Bright pink nail polish (which isn't really new for me...), matte bright pink lipstick with simple eye makeup, but bold lashes. I wish I had money to go buy a bunch of bold pink accessories to brighten up an otherwise simple outfit.

  2. Peach colors would be great with your coloring for a springy feel! I like the make-up idea, too!
    Keep an eye out for inexpensive accessories...have you found any good thrift stores around there? I've noticed that Target usually has a clearance accessory section (at least around here), and of course Walmart is always cheap!

    But yeah, I think bold accessories with a simple outfit, plus that make-up look would be a really fun-sophisticated theme to go with for Spring. :)

  3. Unfortunately, I don't even really have like $2 to spend on any sort of luxury at the moment...can you say BROKE? lol. But Target is probably where I'll head once I do! :)

  4. I am a great fan of the "spritzer" family of mixed drinks. In Germany and South Africa they mix citrus soda with beer to make Radler or Shandi respectively. Both are quite good on a hot day...

  5. Wow, I didn't know that. Very cool. They definitely are refreshing.