Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Purple Rain (or snow?)

This sudden bout with freezing weather was the perfect excuse to make the most of my new purple striped scarf and gloves. Steve and I found them on sale last week at Target for just $2.50! I didn't expect I'd be able to really take advantage of them until next winter, as the highs last week were in the 70s. Boy, was I wrong!
I love getting fashion ideas from other people, so I thought I'd share some of mine with you:

 Off to run my errands- The scarf and my buttoned-up black cardigan looked somewhat retro paired with my dark grey skinny jeans and black flats (with socks, of course! Brrr), and on the right, fully bundled up and ready to go!

 I tweaked the look a bit for evening.
Simply done: open sweater, revealing a lace tank top, and hair swept back into a messy bun.

Annnd, added some "icy" looking eye make-up: shimmery silver shadow all around the eye, grey shadow in the eye lid creases, and black liner on the top and bottom, extended slightly outward to create a subtle "cat eye" look. White shadow was applied to the brow bone for some extra highlighting, and of course I finished with lots of black mascara.

Steve had to work late, so by the time he had gotten home I "comfy-fied" the look a bit by shedding the jeans and replacing them with sporty black shorts. To help keep warm, I put on my furry leg warmers, which I love!

The temperatures didn't get out of the 20s today. Tomorrow we may get snow! I'm really happy that I have a fireplace in my apartment. We also stocked up on Hot Cocoa! How are you coping with Winter's last attempt? Or are you lucky enough to be experiencing milder weather? Do tell!

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