Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sock me stylish!

People who know me really well know I have an obsession with crazy, cute, cozy, or sexy socks. I've been wanting to do a post, showcasing some of these lovely looks with socks, since I started the blog. As I slipped on my fuzzy snow flake slipper-socks this morning to keep warm, I thought today might be the perfect day. I've posted before about my love of layering. Socks are a perfect starting point to creating a layered look. However, when the weather is warm, I also like just pairing some casual knee socks with short shorts and a tank top! Here are some examples of some of the stuff I really enjoy:

Unexpected colors and textures

I was thrilled when I saw Carrie in this scene from an episode of Sex and the City. I probably yelled, "That's so me!"

Loving the casual look

I was wearing socks with heels far before it was "fashionable" (let's face it, it makes heels WAY more comfortable!).

Leg warmers count! I love these high fashion ideas.

A more sporty look. This is a very everyday look for me.

I still love toe socks.

Tights count! Vibrant colors are a really fun way to add some spice to an outfit, maybe one you've worn a million times!

I LOVE layering bunched up socks under boots like this. Effortlessly stylish!

Kudos for creativity here, and the hot pink theme. This is something I'd wear out for a night out at karaoke!

 The slipper-socks I wore this morning. Brrr.

Don't be afraid to have fun and even go a little "cheesy" sometimes. Just be sure you know the how to exercise judgment between wearing Halloween-themed toe socks (yes, I have some) with cute gym shorts and a t-shirt (IN October, please) while spending a lazy weekend with your boyfriend, or wearing them out while bar hopping with friends. Haha.

Tell me some of your style ideas! What kind of outfits do you create with socks, tights, or leg warmers? Do you have another favorite accessory you like to use instead?


  1. In the hit Adam Sandler comedy "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" there is a scene where there's a robber on the roof of a building who gets stuck head first. He has these socks with three different color stripes. I have been looking for those socks for like 2 years with no luck. Also I'm a huge Deftones fan and the lead singer Chino is big into socks as well. So much so that he has his own sock company. I should not be so passionate about socks....maybe it's time to go donate my time at Goodwill or something. I obviously have not enough to do.

  2. Ha, yes, I remember that scene. That would be awesome if you could find the same pair one day. :P
    Embrace your passion!