Friday, February 25, 2011

Keeping the Peace

Good morning!
So, yesterday went from busy and stressful to productive and accomplished, and I couldn't be happier. And, I'm determined to hang on to this feeling! I really needed sort of a breakthrough in this rut and crabby mood I've found myself in too often this week. Meeting work deadlines can be hectic enough, but even more so when you're struggling with a crash-happy laptop! I spent the first half of my day fighting with mine, wondering how I was ever going to get anything done, and finally (though I don't know how), I won.
Aside from my current work project, whose deadline is early next week, I've also had a couple auditions pop up for next week, which I've begun to prepare for. I've been trying to get all these things as ready and/or completed so I can have as free as weekend as possible, and also enjoy the middle of next week when my sister comes for a visit! I've also been trying to eat well (and if that doesn't put you in a crabby mood, what will? Ha.) and working out everyday.

My boyfriend ended up having to work quite late, so it gave me some extra time to catch up on the work I missed during the "laptop battle of 2011" (I spent the "restart" time doing dishes and laundry, so at least I used the time wisely!). I think maybe I concentrate better in the evening (it probably takes me that long to fully wake up), so I made some great progress working until about 8:30pm. I also stumbled into completing some other tasks that had been nagging me for a while now. They also went well, and I feel so much better with those weights off my shoulders!

This morning I'm enjoying a cup of hot tea (taking a break from my usual coffee) and an english muffin with cinnamon and sugar. I hope you've had a lovely morning. Here's to a productive Friday and a fun weekend!

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