Monday, February 7, 2011

"These are the days when you wish your bed was already made"

I spent the morning sorting through a ton of e-mails I had neglected over the past week and sent out some submissions for film auditions. Hopefully I'll have another round of auditions coming up soon to keep me busy. I'll be honest, the weekend was draining and didn't really go according to plan (although I did get to do some very uncoordinated drumming while playing RockBand with some friends on Saturday night, which is always fun). I'm ready to get back into my weekly routine. I'll try again next weekend, right? In the coming weeks, I should be starting a brand new work project (in regards to my steady job), which I am pretty excited about.

I'd love to hear about your weekend, and your plans for the week!
p.s. Can anyone name the song that the subject line is from?


  1. Manic Monday...Written by Prince for Belinda Carlisle because he wanted her. Performed by the Bangles...

  2. Ooh. Nice job. And thank you for the fun-filled fact. haha. I had no idea about that. :P

  3. Notice it's similarity to his song
    "1999". He didn't have to reach to far to try and impress her.

  4. Yeah, after you mentioned that I realize how much it totally sounds like a Prince song! But you know me, I've never been a Prince fan...or a Bangles fan really. It just seemed like a fitting subject/song for a Monday post. ;)