Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little things that make me smile...

 Here are some things that are making me happy:

Ah, yes.

 Freshly washed sheets: This changes the whole feel of my bedroom, and they feel so nice when you crawl into bed that first time afterward. My roommate has been sick, so I've been cleaning and disinfecting religiously, in hopes of not catching anything! On the bright side, my apartment looks fabulous. I went ahead and switched out my heavy comforter in favor of a light blue, knit blanket, as it feels like (for now at least) Spring is here. I also love when I can turn off the heat or AC and just leave the windows open.

Practically the same thing.
Yummy/easy desserts: The other day I came across "Jell-O Temptations" pudding cups. I pointed them out to Steve because they had a lemon meringue flavor (one of his favorites). We decided to give it a try, and also picked up a package of the "French Silk" flavor, which is a chocolate dessert. Both flavors have a whipped, creamy topping, too. It seems like in recent years, yogurt and pudding companies have tried to up their game by creating more indulgent, dessert-like variations, but I've never been all that impressed with them. However, the Jell-O Temptations were really surprising! The lemon meringue tastes exactly like lemon meringue pie, right down to the texture. It ended up being my favorite, while Steve actually went more for the French Silk, which also had a nice texture and flavor and, with it's Cool-Whip-like topping, trumps regular old chocolate pudding any day. I feel like the size of these cups are a little bigger than regular pudding or Jell-O cups, too. Don't you always feel like you want just a little more when you're done with those? Ok, a lot more. But these make you feel more like you're getting a whole dessert. And another bonus: all of the flavors (and there are more than the two we tried) are between 100 and 140 calories. Win, win, and win!

Woo hoo!
Good mail days: I always get a little excited when I open my mail box and find my new magazine for the month or something else a little unexpected. The other day I received not only my Cosmopolitan, but a little box of Valentine's candy from my Grandpa (aww), and Dunkin Donuts coupons! I don't know about you, but for me, something like that just puts a nice spin on my day right from the get-go.

Welcome mats: I have a little mat outside my front door, which I got from IKEA for 99 cents. Unfortunately, with the way the wind comes through the breezeway outside my third floor apartment, I usually end up finding the mat at the bottom of the stairs each day. I need to get one that has some real weight to it. I've been noticing some really fun, less conventional mats lately, and I can't wait to purchase one! Here are some cute options:

Ok, I don't think I'd ever actually use this one. But, it's pretty hilarious.

Happy Wednesday! xx

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